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Guide to Filtering and Saving Filter Views
Guide to Filtering and Saving Filter Views
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Learn how to filter records in assets, inspections, tasks, and projects, and save these filters as views. You can apply filters on the go or save filter views for easy access.

Adding a New Filter

  1. Navigate to the desired Menu tab.

  2. Click +Filters and select the filter type.

  3. Set the criteria for the filter and click 'Apply'.

Saving a Filter View

To save frequently used filters:

  1. After applying the filter, click the dropdown next to the 'Apply' button.

  2. Select 'Save', and give your filter view a name.

  3. Once saved, you can quickly search for and apply your saved view.

Deleting a Saved View

To delete a saved view, click the trash bin icon next to the view name.

Removing or Resetting Filters

To reset your filters to the initial state, click the red button next to 'Apply'.

Please Note: Saved views are specific to your user account and do not affect other users.

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