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How to use the Dashboard
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Welcome to the Dashboard. This is where you will be able to find most of your information without having to navigate deep within the WebApp. SnapInspect has taken all the valuable information that you would need to find and compiled that information in an easy-to-see simple-to-use dashboard.

Please Note: Dashboard data is only visible to users that have Account Owner or Property Manager user permission.

Scheduled Inspections:

  • This section of the dashboard allows you to view all upcoming inspections, you can filter your schedules per manager or within different time frames

  • As seen in the image above, inspections highlighted in red are uncompleted and passed their due date while inspections highlighted in green are scheduled to be completed in the near future.

Recent Inspections:

  • In this section, you are able to view all recently completed inspections. By selecting the inspection type/name, the inspection report will be automatically downloaded to your device.

  • Here you can filter your different completed inspections by the manager, to do this select all managers and a drop-down menu will appear!

Account Overview:

  • In this field, you will see numbers and different types of colors. In this instance, the colors don't mean much but help you view the different titles more easily.

  • In this overview, you can track:

    1. The total amount of Assets you have currently under your management,

    2. How many Inspections you've completed in total and what inspection types they were

    3. How many Videos and Photos you have uploaded

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