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Welcome to the Dashboard. This is where you will be able to find most of your information without having to navigate deep within the WebApp. SnapInspect has taken all the valuable information that you would need to find and compiled that information in an easy to see simple to use dashboard.

Scheduled Inspections: 

In this section of the dashboard, you will be able to view all the current upcoming scheduled inspections. You can filter these by the two options provided, currently set as "For - All Property Managers" but if you wanted this changed you could specifically select who's scheduled inspections you want to view and by what date, currently this is set at "Any Schedules".

You will notice it will show you what type of inspection type it is, who is the property manager for that inspection, what date it is scheduled for and, of course, the property address.

There are two colors that you will see: 

Blue - This color represents in good standing and that it hasn't passed its date.
 Red - This color represents in bad standing and that the inspection is overdue.

Do keep in mind that a scheduled inspection is a time you or your property manager have set a date that is not and the inspection due date, this inspection due date is completely different from the scheduled date.

The little whirlwind arrow on the upper right corner of the field will update the page for you.

 Inspection Due:

In this section you will be able to view the inspection due dates, the differences between a scheduled inspection and an inspection due date are that one you have set and the other has been enforced as the official due date for an inspection.

The reason we have these two options is that in reality, In some cases you won't be able to make it on that specific due date deadline so you might find time on hand to do the inspection when you and the tenant might be more available.

A nice little tip for you is the scheduled inspection for the 20th of February for example. If you complete the inspection on this date, but the inspection due date is the 29th of February the system will push the next inspection due date as the 20th of March, for instance, making sure it is correctly adjusted and ready for your next inspection automatically.

Just like the scheduled inspection, this field also has two colors that have the same meaning as they do for the scheduled inspection. Red means it has passed the timeframe and blue means it is in good standing, time is still available to complete the inspection.
​ Account Overview:

In this field, you will see numbers and different types of colors. In this instance, the colors don't mean much but to help you view the different titles easier.

You can see the total amount of assets you have currently under your management, how many completed inspections you have completed in total, how many photos you have uploaded, as well as videos and last and foremost the two types of reports you have generated either as a Word Report or a PDF Report.

​  Toolbar:
 This field is the general toolbar that you will need to familiarize yourself with as this toolbar is something you will likely be using a lot.

Quick Summary

- Dashboard:
 The main page when you have logged into your account, where you can find the necessary information without having to navigate away.

 The main page to view, create, edit, schedule, search for property, mark as multi-family and even find reports for individual properties you are looking for.

 All inspection reports can be found here for all dates, property managers, inspection type.

 This tab is necessary, this is where you will find all of your vital records for following up with maintenance records. You can where you can edit, send videos and pictures as well as comments.

 This part of the web app is where all your scheduled inspections will show. If you need to search, see who, when and where for scheduled inspections this is where to go for full in-depth information.

-Auto Text:
 This section will be where you can set up any auto text. For example, if you are using repeated words for multiple Room, items such as "Very Good Condition" that you don't wish to keep rewriting you can make this an auto text for yourself and your team.

 The company admin manages and maintains his company users "property managers." Some of the common tasks such as add, delete and edit can be found here.

 You can customize your checklist here in full depth such as adding or removing items and rooms, changing the way the checklist is laid out or even making sure you have those controls set up correctly such as videos, photos, text box's and signatures.

-Company Settings:
 Here you will find your company info, logo, billing details, invoices and company settings.

-Choose Buildings:
 Below these tabs you will notice "Choose Buildings" this is for multi-family buildings. If you have set up an asset to be building, then it will show you a record of all buildings set up here.

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