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Photo Angle Issue *Android Only*
Photo Angle Issue *Android Only*
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Photo angle is an uncommon issue that only occurs to certain Android devices. This issue causes photos to randomly flip the wrong way which causes most of the photos in the generated inspection report to come out the wrong size and angle.
If you are experiencing this issue please follow the below steps 

First things first, Log into SnapInspect from your mobile device. You will be presented with the asset page as shown below.

You will notice the "cog" icon located in the top left corner of your screen. Please tap on the cog to be taken to the settings menu.

Once you have gone into Settings, you will be presented with many On and Off options. The option we are looking for is "Fix Camera Rotation" this option provides 90, 180 and 270 angle options. You will need to run a test on your own to determine which angle is best suited for your device by taking photos in SnapInspect to see if the photo is flipped or not and decide which angle option is suited so that all photos are rotated to the correct angle.

This will fix the problem if it does not then please contact

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