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Upload photos from device to inspection in progress
Upload photos from device to inspection in progress
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This article covers how you can upload photos that are already on your mobile device.
Sometimes customers like to take photos then upload them onto their inspections that are in progress. Different individuals have different methods of how to do their inspections and this method is for individuals who wish to upload their own photos from their devices to their inspection.
 When in an inspection you will have the option to take photos by tapping on the camera icon as shown in the below image.

 By tapping the camera icon you also are presented with different options that will provide you with the option to upload/attach photos from your device to the inspection in progress.

On your top right corner of either your Android or Apple screen you will see the icon that looks like two squares overlapping each other. This symbol is the button you are looking for that will allow you to select photos from your device's camera roll.

Once you have decided your photos it will attach the photos to that area or item that you had selected the camera icon for.

If you require assistance with how to do this after following this guide then please contact

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