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Customize your report templates with basic report customization tools.

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The report pre-set is set-up to assist our users with basic to intermediate level report customization.

Report pre-set is a feature designed to empower SnapInspect users through basic report customization. The report pre-set feature allows our customers to create/modify reports to fit your company. Our main goal is to allow users to set-up to assist our users with basic to intermediate level report customization.

To access the report preset customization settings please first log in to the web app then navigate to the Checklists tab and from here you will see a Customize Report Style button near the top of the page.

Please note only admin users have access to the checklist tab. If you do not see the checklist tab please contact your company admin or reach out to the SnapInspect support team.

Once you complete your ideal “report pre-set” you can assign this template to your checklist, to do this just click on the inspection type you want to assign the pre-set to and then under Report Template drop down select the *Report Preset Template* option and then select the template you have created.

**Please note it is always good practice to refresh the page after doing so.

Once you have assigned your preferred “report pre-Set” to Inspection Type and synced your device, everything will be ready to go & linked to the appropriate areas, enjoy the new-found freedom you have for report customization!

For help or advanced report customization, please contact

Report Configuration

1. Report Title: This is the title that will be used to for the inspection report. By default, the inspection type name will be used as report title. In this case, we have used the title "Building Inspection Report"

2. Report cover page: Display a cover page before the inspection report starts that contains your company branding, a photo of the asset and basic inspection details.

3. Display Contact details: Toggle displaying tenant/owner details in the report

4. Disclaimer Title: The title of your customizable disclaimer. Please leave this space empty if a disclaimer is not required

5. Disclaimer Text: The body of predefined disclaimer, terms, conditions, and policies.

Font/Styles Report Summary

1. Theme color: Color for area title.

2. Table Header background color: Color for the table heading background, Here you can see we have chosen purple. 

3. Table header text color: Color for the table heading text. Here you can see we have chosen white as the text color. 

4. Table Border color: Color for table border.


1. Photo Display Location: To have photos displayed after each area or display all photos at the end of the report.

2. Photo Per Row: This option lets you decide how many photos per row you would like to have. Remember the more photos per row the smaller the photos on the inspection report. For landscape reports, this number will add 1 due to the width of the page.

3. Photo caption: Choose which information you want to show under each photo.

Report Summary

Display Summary: Toggling this on will allow for your inspection report to have a summary section of specific ratings. Usually a short list of poor/bad items.

Summary Rating: This is the ratings that you want to be displayed on your summary page. Please ensure that you have spelt each rating exactly as you have it on your checklist


For calculations to work, they need to have that area or item selected as a "number only field." 

Once this has been selected our system will calculate what is in the selected field, hence having to be numbers to enable report calculation. 

Enable Calculation: toggling this function will enable the calculation of your inspection reports.

Calculation configuration: Define formula as sum up (normally for costing evaluation), or average (for average/scoring of the section/item, the score sum/number of items).

Include empty item into calculation: For average formula, toggle between only including items that have a score or all items to be divided.

Calculate Display Prefix/Unit: To allow a unit character display in front of the calculated result. E.g. $.

Side by Side Report 

Enable Merge Report: This feature allows users to have side by side inspection reports. For example, a move in inspection beside a move out inspection to compare conditions. Please note only inspections using the same checklist with be compared.

Merge with inspection type: To merge inspections, please type in the exact name of the inspection type to merge with. Please note the merged report will look back to find most recent inspection to merge.

Advanced Configuration

Advanced configuration: JSON format to be used in Report. For help on this advanced report customization feature, please contact

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