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How to copy previous inspection information
How to copy previous inspection information
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If you have been wondering if you could just simply copy an inspection that you have previously completed and wanted to make life easier for yourself when completing inspections due to everything being pretty much the same. Maybe you just wanted to keep all the ratings and comments but not photos. You can do this with so much ease that time will have more time for other inspections.

To be able to copy previous inspections or even download previous inspections that team members might have done in the past you will need to have a SnapInspect 3 mobile app installed on your device and have access to a valid account.

When logging into your account, you will be presented with an asset list that your account will have access too. Some individuals might have a smaller amount than others, and this is fine.

Step 1: Once you have located the asset that you want to do an inspection for and to copy a previous inspection from you will need to go to the bottom of the asset information and right at the bottom will be a little button that looks like ( i ).

Step 2: At the bottom of the above image you will notice an ( i ) this is a button that needs to be tapped for it to load any previous inspections that have been completed by anyone from your team. Important to know is that you must have an internet connection to be able to use this function otherwise it won't let you pull up all the information from previous inspections.

Step 3: When your internet connection has been established and you tap the little ( i ) button you will notice it will give you a run down of inspections, what type of inspection was done at what date and time. When pressing on the inspection it will prompt with below options:

View PDF - This allows for you to download the old inspection report and view the PDF version on the spot.

Send PDF - This will download and send the inspection report directly to the client.

Send Word Doc - This will download and send the word document inspection report to the client.

Copy Inspection - This option will copy the entire inspection report WITHOUT the photos and signatures.

 Copy Inspection (With Photos) - This option will copy everything on the previous inspection report WITHOUT signatures.

Step 4 - When deciding which Copy option to use you will be presented with additional options for your inspection to start as shown below:

This username that I have used for this guide only has two inspection types which are Ingoing and Exit. Other companies and users might have 10 different inspection types and these will all be shown here. Once you have decided which inspection type you would like to start your inspection with you will be in the room layout of the inspection in progress where you will be able to make any changes/edits to comments, rating's and photos if need be. The photos will have a box and you won't be able to see it directly this is just so the app doesn't download all the photos and it speeds the whole process up.

If you require more information regarding how this new function works or maybe the guide is to complex then you can also contact us at

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