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SnapInspect 3 has a built in settings function. This allows for our users to make adjustments quickly when you are on the go.

The first thing you will see when you log into the mobile app is the Assets tab.

You will notice a little "cog wheel" on the top left corner of the above image. When tapped on will take you to the Settings function of the mobile app.

When you tap on the cog wheel you will be brought to a new menu with an array of options. 

The settings provided above are:
 - Save To Album: 

What this setting does when enabled is saves every photo you take during inspections and saves it into a specific individual folder for you to be able to find and use later on. The quality of the photo will be the best quality your phone could possibly do. This feature comes in handy if you require your photos to be of very high quality.
 - Auto Login:
 This setting is useful to have enabled at all times as it remembers your username and password. Meaning less time to log in and more time on actually doing the inspections.
 - Photo Date/Time Stamp:

You are able to use this if you wish to have date and time under each photo you take within the app, this will then generate on the inspection report.
  - Display Instruction:
 This setting is a very new and neat method that allows you to setup little instructions within the app. This is used more so to ensure your agents can see your specific instruction that you might have provided them with for each area or each item.
 - Local Email Client:
 This setting, when enabled, will use your mobile device primary email that is setup on the device to be used for quick send. This means it allows the app to send using your email you to your clients using the email provided you have logged in with it. This also means that when sending emails they will show up in your email sent box.
 If you decide to just leave this disabled then we will only send emails on behalf of you and at times could have issues being received by the receiver because most email providers will see that we are sending these emails on behalf of you and not as you. You will also not be able to see these emails via your sent box when sent on behalf of you.

- Ask Support:
 This will allow you to have a direct conversation with the support or sales team while on your device. You will need to be connected to the internet to be able to communicate with the SnapInspect team. This is to ensure that if you ever get stuck or require assistance while on the road, then we are able to help you then and there without having to go back to your office.

-Share Screen With Support:

 This is not a setting but more so a function. When support  requires to see more details or even see your issues, this will be your primary option to allow yourself to share your screen with the support agent. They will be able to see everything you see within the mobile app only. If you exit out of the mobile app, it will cut the connection.

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