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New Contact Type Feature
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This guide will take you through the new feature for contacts called ‘occupancy period’ within the SnapInspect web app and how to add it to your contacts.

Adding New Contact Type

To add a new contact type simply visit the company settings section on the SnapInspect web app. In company settings, visit the settings then general settings and select view/edit additional contact type.

Now you will be able to see existing contact types and the option to

  • create new

  • select new

  • fill in all relevant fields

  • make sure to select "add" once you’ve completed it.

As seen below there is a new section named occupancy period. If you select this, you will be able to set start and end dates for this contact. Once it reaches the end date this contact will be removed. This is an incredible new feature that is relevant for anyone who knows the start and end date of a contact's use/ownership of an asset for example a vehicle hire between the dates 21st October and 2nd November.

Adding New Contact

To view and add contacts, visit the asset section on the web app, in the asset section select "Action" and then "View/Edit Asset".

As seen below the edit asset layout has changed, the contact section can now be found on the left side, simply click on this, enter the contact section, and select "Add New Contact".

From here you will be able to enter all relevant information for your contact type and you will be able to see the new contact type you created.

After selecting your new contact type an ‘occupancy between’ section will appear. From here select the relevant dates of occupancy for the contact and select add, it’s really that simple!

You will also be able to set start and end dates for this contact. Once it reaches the end date this contact will move to the "Inactive" section.

Hopefully, you found this support document helpful. If you need more support please don’t hesitate to contact our support team who would be more than happy to help!

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