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How to Create/Edit an Asset
How to Create/Edit an Asset
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On SnapInspect you can upload all your assets with all relevant information and run inspections based on their specific requirements and needs!

How to Create an Asset

On the asset page of the SnapInspect web app select new building and put in all relevant information, once done select add.

Please Note: Address Lines 1 and 2 are Compulsory When Adding a New Asset

How to Edit/Add Asset Information

Within each asset, you can include information such as stakeholder contact details, asset photos, any relevant custom information, asset references, and more. To access this click on 'Action' beside the specific asset and then select 'View/Edit Asset'

How to Create a Multi-Family Unit

To turn your asset into a Multi-Family Building you first need to select 'Action' and mark the asset as a building.

! Converting an Asset to a Building is a permanent action. Make sure to do it accurately to avoid needing to recreate the Asset.

After this select 'Action' again then '+ Unit' and the same pop-up will appear as if you were creating a new asset.

How to Add a Room to a Multi-Family Unit

Following a very similar process to adding a unit, however, this time you will select 'Action' beside the Unit Address and 'Enable Child Assets'. Following this click 'Action' again and + New Room and fill in the same basic details.

Please Note:

  • Alternatively, you can import all Units and Rooms at once instead of adding them individually. For help with this, please reach out to our support team.

  • Adding Units and Rooms to a Building is dependent on your subscription plan. If this feature isn't visible in your account and you need it, please contact our customer support to help activate it for you.

How to Delete an Asset

  • In the Assets section, select the green 'Action' button beside a relevant asset

  • From the drop-down choose 'View/Edit Asset'

  • Select the red 'Delete' button

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