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Start an Inspection on the Web App
Start an Inspection on the Web App
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On the SnapInspect web app, you can run inspections helping you if you're short of time or don't have access to a mobile device!

How to Start an Inspection

  1. Navigate to the Asset Tab of the SnapInspect web app

  2. Select the green 'Action' button beside the asset you want to inspect.

  3. In the following dropdown that appears select 'Start Inspection'.

Furthermore, you will be able to select your Inspection Type and identify the Area Layout (unless 'remember area layout' is turned on). From there you will be able to run your inspection.

Please Note: As soon as you select the create inspection button the inspection will be saved and accessible in the inspection section of the SnapInspect Web App

Before you jump into the inspection you can update any inspection details or contact details however this can also be edited after the inspection has been completed.

How to Run an Inspection

Running an inspection on the web app is similar to the mobile app however there are some important differences to note.

Comment Boxes:

When adding comments make sure to click the blue button on the right side to save any text, if you want to access the comments library type # and the library will appear


You cannot take photos on a Web App inspection, make sure relevant images are saved as jpg or png files within your computer to be uploaded to the inspection.

How to Edit Areas and Items

To edit your different areas and items click on the different three-dot menu beside areas and items

3-Dot Menu Beside Address:

From here you can add new Areas to your inspection and rearrange the order of your areas

3-Dot Menu Beside Area Name:

After clicking this menu a dropdown will appear giving you the option to edit the area name, delete the area, reorder items, add new items, and more.

3-Dot Menu Beside Item Name

In this dropdown, you can edit the item name, delete an item, and also have access to any blueprints attached to your specific asset.

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