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Asset Custom Fields
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Asset custom fields enable you to incorporate additional sections to display further details about your assets that may not be covered by SnapInspect's standard asset information.
​For example, you can utilize custom fields to store permit files, lease agreements, building square footage information, the year the building was constructed, and any other pertinent data. This functionality empowers you to centralize all relevant information in one place, streamlining your asset management processes.

Where to Add Custom Fields

  • Visit SnapInspect Company Settings

  • Select Settings in the Navigation Options

  • Select General Settings

  • Scroll Down to Asset & Task Settings

  • Select View/Edit on the Right of Asset Custom Fields

How to Add Custom Fields

  • Select Add New

  • Add in Relevant Information (label, type)

  • Check Asset Layout (if relevant)

  • Select Add New

These custom fields will now be accessible for all Assets.

Adding Information to Custom Fields

  • Navigate to the Assets Tab

  • Click the Green Action Button Beside the Relevant Asset

  • From the Dropdown Choose View/Edit Asset

  • In the Sidebar Select Custom Info

  • Add in Information / Update

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