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Create a custom contact for a tenant, maintenance contractor or property owner

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The custom contact type field is designed for users to add relevant contacts to an asset for improved communication and usability. This could be for the property owner, a tenant or a maintenance contractor.  

To set up custom contact type, Open this assets tab on your web-app. 

Select an asset for which you wish to add a custom contact to. Next, click on the green "Action" drop down button 

Next click view/edit contacts 

From here, click the green "New Contact" button 

Here you will be presented with a pop up menu asking you fill in details for the new contact. 

At the bottom of the menu you will see the drop down menu asking you to select the contact type. This can be an owner, tenant or maintenance worker. Once you have selected the appropriate contact type, click add and your contact will be uploaded against that asset to SnapInspect. 

Once you have a custom contact set-up you can email them inspections, alert them of upcoming or overdue inspections or send them maintenance alerts.

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