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Inspection Log is a feature  that allow's the team to be able to see who has changed what and when.  

Some information such as when did the inspection start, how long did it take to complete, what was changed and edited on the inspection. This will give an overview  of  who is doing what. Good tool for management and just overall quality of work.

To be able to view the "Inspection Log/History" you will need to log into the WebApp. This can be done by clicking  HERE and logging into your account.

First and foremost you will need to locate the "Inspections" tab on the WebApp which is shown on your left-hand side of the WebApp. As shown in the image below.

Once you have located the "Inspections" tab, you will be provided with all your inspections that have been completed and uploaded onto the WebApp. This is also where you will be able to view the Summary and the Inspection Log for each specific inspection.

You will notice that there is an ( i ) next to each inspection. This is a clickable button that will provide the user with extra information as shown below:

In this view, you will see some information that may be of use to you. Here you can see the duration of how long the inspection had taken to complete. The inspection start time and end time. The GPS location of where the inspection had been conducted. The Email status advising if the inspection report was received/sent/bounced from and to parties. Lastly the "View Log."  

The View Log is where you will see detailed information of each inspection drilling down in-depth information. When clicked on will prompt another window with a date/time stamp of what was changed/updated on this inspection and by who.

There is also another method of viewing this History Log, and that is by clicking on the green "Action" button. It will prompt options as shown below where you can click to "Tracking" then "View Logs."

If you have any questions or need help with the Inspection History Logs, please feel free to contact support at

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