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Inspection Status & Set Up - Web App
Inspection Status & Set Up - Web App
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To enhance your workflow efficiency on SnapInspect, utilize inspection statuses to guide your team through specific processes and keep all inspections organized. Additionally, these statuses can trigger automated emails to relevant stakeholders. This guide outlines how to set up these statuses effectively.

Where do I Set up the Inspection Status?

  • Navigate to Company Settings

  • Select Settings and then 'General Settings'

  • In inspection, select the blue 'View/Edit' button beside Inspection Status

How do I Set up the Inspection Status?

  • Select '+ Add New'

  • Add in a status name and color, and either check or uncheck the Primary

  • Select 'Add New' in the bottom right

Please Note: A primary status will be automatically assigned to an inspection once it has been completed and uploaded to the web app

How do I Add Status to Inspections

  • Navigate to the Inspections section

  • Select the green Action button

  • From the dropdown select 'Update Status'

  • Choose the relevant status

Tip: After the first status has been added, simply click on the status icon (e.g. completed) and change it from there!

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