Request Inspection allows our users to request an inspection from their tenants whenever you require an inspection to be completed. This could be a move in/entry, move out/exit, routine, maintenance or any other inspection type you need them to perform depending on your industry.
 The function itself is quite easy to use and can be setup by our amazing team here at SnapInspect. Please keep in mind that this function is only available on approved plans. For more information regarding setup and access to this function please contact

When wanting to schedule a request inspection from a tenant or client, you can do so by logging into your account via the WebApp HERE. If you are not too familiar with what the WebApp looks like or is here is a picture below to give you an understanding of what the WebApp is.

What we will need to do is go into the "Assets" tab which can be found at the top left corner as shown in the picture above. In this


you will see all your assets that are set up within SnapInspect 3.

When you do finally click into Assets, you will see the above obviously this is a test account, and I have made up addresses here to show you how the request inspection works. I will be using 44 Lines Road, Omaha as the test address for this guide (this is highlighted gray)

You will notice that there is a "Schedule" column. Some assets have a set date and time. This is important to understand because this column is clickable. For 44 Lines Road, Omaha there is no scheduled time or date instead it has "Schedule an Inspection" if you click on this you will be presented with the below.

I have already filled in the information shown above just to give you an understanding of what information is needed to be filled out. This process is quite simple, and you have the first three lines "Assign To, Inspection Type and Scheduled Date and Time" are compulsory. The notes are a good way to inform your agent of extra information that they will be able to see from their mobile device.
 You will notice right a the bottom there is a "Request Inspection" I have this blue which means ON. You need to click on this to ensure that this is blue and states that the request function is on. You then need to select which email to send this Request Inspection too. Usually, if you have already setup Owner details and Tenant details, then their emails will show up. In this instance, I did not have any information setup for this asset, so I was able to manually select "Other" and insert the name and email.
 Once you have filled out all the information click on "Save" this will process the Scheduled inspection and request an inspection from the given details above.

What will the other individual see when they receive an email from you requesting an inspection? Is an email with the below text and button.

Once the individual clicks on the "Start Inspection" button it will prompt the individual to download and install SnapInspect 3 mobile app.

 Once the user has downloaded either iOS or the Android mobile app they will need to go back into the email from their mobile device and press the "Start Inspection" button that was sent to them in their email inbox. This will prompt the mobile app to open up and log the user into a one-off account (That is correct there are no usernames needed to be created or passwords to setup when requesting an inspection).
 Once the "Start Inspection" button has been clicked on from your mobile while accessing the email with the request inspection and are wondering what exactly the request inspection user would see have a look below.

 The first thing that you will notice is that the "Assets" tab has been removed this is because this client or tenant does not need to view or see any of your other assets. There is only the "Inspections" tab and a "Schedule" tab. The Inspection tab is where a completed inspection will sit and wait to be uploaded by the user that has done the inspection while the Schedule tab is where the user will actually start the inspection for the property that you have requested them to inspect.

 The above image is the Scheduled inspection tab. This is where the user will see the asset that you have assigned for them to inspect. There is a List of the assets and a Map tab. The Map tab will show the user google map location of where this asset is located. When a user taps on the property address it will provide the user with the below options: Route To Destination, View Notes and View Inspection.

 As shown above, the three options provide the user to GPS the property address to help them locate the property this is using Google Maps and will work just like any other GPS Map to find the fastest route to the property if required.
 The notes that you would have setup at the start of the process of scheduling the inspection and requesting the inspection is what the user will be able to view the notes when tapping on "View Notes."
 To start the inspection process for this property that has been requested the user will need to tap on "View Inspection" this will bring up the room layout where they can select how many bedrooms, bathrooms and other various rooms that you have setup on your checklist. Once this has been filled in the inspection will start. Please remember once the user completes this inspection they need to make sure they have uploaded the inspection when they have access to the internet. The app works completely offline and most times users think once an inspection is completed that it automatically uploads for them but this isn't the case and the user must look at the Inspections tab and hit upload.

This covers the step by step process on how you can manually request an inspection from either a client and tenant or anyone you might have including contractors if you wish them not to have access to SnapInspect 3 mobile app but still need them to perform one-off inspections. If you require further assistance with this function please email and we will assist you further.

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