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How Do Inspections Work?
How Do Inspections Work?
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Inspections with SnapInspect 3 are a breeze.

The most common way to start  an inspection  is:

  1. Go to the 'Assets' tab on your SnapInspect 3 mobile app. Choose an asset to inspect.

2. From here click 'New Inspection'. Choose from the list of inspection types. To customize these inspection


 contact our support here

3. Next, customize the inspection areas you want to be shown in your property inspection report

4. Congratulations, your inspection has been generated!

5. Inside each inspection area, you can add ratings, comments, and photos. These can all be customized under the 'Checklist' tab on the web app. For help customizing your checklist, contact our support here

6. Finally, click 'Complete' and then hit the 'Upload' button to upload your inspection data onto the server!

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