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Asset Import and Export
Asset Import and Export
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To help you save time you can bulk import and export large amounts of Assets to and from SnapInspect.

Asset Import

How to Structure Information on the Template

Multifamily Properties:

As seen in the image above when importing multifamily buildings and units make sure to first have the building address by itself followed by the address + the unit

Please Note: The format in the image above must be used or the assets will not upload correctly

Single-Family Properties:

Single-family properties have a similar format however it only requires you to have the address in sections address 1 and address 2

Additional Information:

Using this template you can add additional information relevant to each asset, for example: tenant and owner details, alarm code, key location, and more. Simply follow the different column names as guides on where to place this information

Please Note: Do not delete any columns even if they are going to be unused, if any are deleted the assets will not be uploaded correctly

How to Upload Assets

Firstly log in to the SnapInspect Web App and visit the assets section, the second tab from the top on the sidebar menu. From here select the green 'Import/Export' button.

You will then be given different options, in this case, select import assets and a pop-up will appear, now we will upload the asset template you created using the steps earlier in the document. To do this select Choose File, select the file from your file system and then select Upload

To import, select the blue button 'looks good, start importing!' and your assets will begin to upload, if an asset has been successfully uploaded a green tick will appear under status/info

Tip: Before you upload make sure the content within each column matches the column title!

Asset Export

To export your complete asset list (or a template with all your custom fields) simply select Import/Export then on the dropdown select Export. After you select export an Excel spreadsheet will automatically download to your device!


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