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Asset Status

How to set-up and use asset status

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Asset status is used to note the current standing of a particular asset or building. 

Similar to inspection status, you can tailor the asset status to meet your company's requirements.

Setting Up Asset Status

  1. Navigate to the 'Company Settings' tab via the SnapInspect web app.

  2. Select the 'General Settings' sub-tab. 

  3. Scroll to find 'Asset Status' and click the blue 'View/Edit' button.

  4. A pop-up menu will appear, allowing you to set the Status Name and Color Code for each asset status you want to create.

Status Name: This is the title that appears in the status column when viewing your assets.

Color: Indicates the color displayed for the status on your web or mobile app.

Building: This feature is designed for Multi-family and Student-housing users. It lets you assign a status to an entire building, for example: "Under Construction".

Please Note: Choosing this option restricts it from being applied to individual assets; it's exclusively for buildings.

Updating Asset Status

  1. Navigate to the Assets tab in the SnapInspect web app.

  2. Click the green 'Action' drop down button.

  3. Choose 'Update Status'

Status Log

The status log offers a detailed record of all changes to an asset's status.

To access the status log:

  1. Navigate to the 'Assets' tab.

  2. Select the desired asset.

  3. Click the green 'Action' dropdown and choose 'Status Logs'.

Here, you'll find a comprehensive history of the asset's status changes, including timestamps.

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