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How to Schedule an Inspection
How to Schedule an Inspection
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To schedule an inspection log into the SnapInspect 3 web-app HERE and go to your assets tab which can be found on the far left corner of your screen as "Assets." As shown below:

In the Assets tab, you will see four columns: Address, Schedule, Due and Managed By. We want to focus on the Schedule column where it states "Schedule an Inspection" in light blue color. You will also notice a red plus button that gives you another option to schedule, With no number limit on schedule

This button when clicked on will bring up a little window as shown below which will allow you to fill out the information on who you will schedule this inspection too.

As shown above, in the image it is very straightforward from here on out.

1) Simply choose who you wish to assign the inspection to. We have Ryan Williams as the assignee.

2) Pick what type of inspection you want to assign to the agent.

3) Choose a time and a date this is compulsory and needs both filled in for it to function correctly.

Once the above has been completed, hit the "Save" button, and this will then update on the "Schedule" tab on the web-app but also on the "Asset" tab on the web-app.

You may have also noticed the "Save & Email" button, this sends a confirmation email for the scheduled inspection and also sends a calendar invite

Finally, once everything has been saved the next part is making sure that the agent that you have assigned the inspection for Syncs their mobile device. 

To Sync with an Android device, you will need to tap on the three little squares that are located at the top right corner of the mobile app.

 To Sync your iOS (Apple) device, simply tap on the "Sync" button located on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

Once your device has been synced, this will update any server information onto your device. This is important to know because if the agent does not sync then the scheduled inspection will not show up for them in the "Schedule" tab

Once you have synced your device, you will need to tap the "Schedule" tab to view the inspections that have been scheduled from the web-app.
 This is the only method of the agent being able to start the scheduled inspections from the mobile app.

If the scheduled inspection is not started from the mobile apps "Schedule" tab then this will not clear the scheduled inspection.

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