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Asset Overview - SnapInspect 3 Mobile App. Learn how to check inspections, upload inspections, and how to sync your device.

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The asset overview screen allows you to see the inspection history of any asset in your SnapInspect account. It also provides a live view of inspection status' (in progress, uploaded, completed)

To access the asset overview window, simply enter the name of the asset you wish to see the data for and select it from the assets tab in the mobile app.

Once the asset has been located, tap on the name to enter the overview page. 

From the asset overview page you can view asset info, start a new inspection, and view your inspection's at various stages for that particular asset. 

Inspection In Progress - Inspections that have not been completed and are still active. 

Completed Inspections - Inspections that have been marked as completed by the user but not yet uploaded to the server. Often, when an inspection is not showing up on  your web application this is where is where it will be. To upload a completed inspection simply tap the upward pointing arrow located to the right of each inspection.

Uploaded Inspections - Inspections that have been completed and uploaded to the server. (Once uploaded they are able to be viewed via the web app.) To the right of uploaded inspections is a circle "sync" button which is made up of two arrows. Pressing this button will upload the inspection to our cloud server and ensure that it is stored, and saved on both the web and mobile app. 

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