For you to be able to WebShare or QuickSend an Inspection report you will need to go into the "Inspections" tab on the far left-hand side of the WebApp.

In the image below you will see quite similar to the "Assets" tab method but when using the inspections tab it will provide all inspections done and the assets tab method will only provide you with all inspections of one specific property.

Actions:  Green Actions drop down button you will encounter quite a bit, it offers you quite a lot of options depending on which tab you are in and in this instance being in the "Inspections" tab you are presented with as follows below:

"QuickSend" Send PDF Report: By clicking on this button, it will allow you to send a PDF inspection report directly from the WebApp to a client's e-mail address. You will be presented with a new dialog pop up asking for e-mail details for that customer.
 When quick sending an inspection report you will be presented with an email template, this email template can be completely customized to your company and can even pull data to the email such as things you want to highlight with urgency and the link for the client to download the inspection video and inspection report.

Share Web Report: This links up with team collaboration, where for instance if you needed to get a tenants or landlords signature but they might not have been present at the inspection then you can share the web report which can be emailed to the tenant/landlord. This allows the client to sign via mobile phone/tablet/computer with the use of finger or computer mice.

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