How to do an Inspection
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To start an inspection simply find the asset that you wish to do an inspection on via the "Assets" tab as shown below.

Once you have found the property that you wish to inspect, tap into that property by tapping onto the address line. This will prompt a new window where you will have further options regarding starting the inspection.

To start the inspection you must tap the green "New Inspection" button as shown above, this will bring you to another screen where you will be able to select the inspection type

As shown above, you are able to select the type of inspection you are wanting to start. Once you have selected the type of inspection, it will allow you to choose the property layout as shown below

The purpose of the property layout is to ensure that the system remembers the layout for this given property to make things easier and quicker for the next time you do an inspection. You only need to fill this out once. 

We have decided to pick the Move In Inspection Type; these are some of the items within a room. You are able to have different combinations on how you would like the setup for each room. For example, Bedroom has ratings, a comment box then pictures but you could have multi select options, ratings then video's if you wanted to.
 Once you have completed everything. Tap the "Complete" button top right corner of the screen.

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