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How to View Your Inspection Reports
How to View Your Inspection Reports
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If you have been wondering how to view your inspection reports that you have completed and uploaded from your mobile devices, then you have come to the correct place.
 There are two ways of viewing your inspection reports.
​ Method 1:
 When logged into your WebApp account, you will be able to go into the "Assets" tab. Once in the assets tab, you will need to locate the property that you wish to view all the inspection reports for.

When you have located the property, you will need to click on the green "Action" button on the right-hand side as shown in the image below.

Once you have clicked on the green button, you will need to click on "View Reports."

 Method 2:

 To access method 2 of viewing inspection reports, you will need to go into the "Inspections" tab on the far left-hand side of the WebApp.
 In the image below you will see quite similar to the "Assets" tab method but when using the inspections tab it will provide all inspections done and the assets tab method will only provide you with all inspections of one specific property.

In the blue Filters field which can be seen at the top of the image above. You will notice Inspector, Type, Keyword, Start, and End.

Inspector: This area allows you to search by inspectors or by All Property Managers as it is set currently.

Type: You can search based on the inspection type, such as Move-in, move-out or simple routine.

Keyword: Quite straightforward you can search by either a keyword of the asset such as maybe by address, mailbox number or region.

Start/End: This allows you to search specifically per month, week and day to pinpoint the correct inspection you are searching for.
 As you can see below you can quickly filter by the quick filter function to 7Days - 14Days - 1 Month. This is currently set to 1 Month and is highlighted red as shown below.

Now that we have covered the top part of this section lets move forward with the rest of figure 1. As shown there are other fields such as:
​ Title: The area of asset address
​ Inspection Type: Which inspection type of this report was used "MoveIN, MoveOUT or Routine/Simple."
​ Inspection Date:  This shows the date of when the inspection report was created
​ Inspector: This allows you to see which inspector has completed the inspection report.
​ Actions:  Green Actions drop down button you will encounter quite a bit, it offers you quite a lot of options depending on which tab you are in and in this instance being in the "Inspections" tab you are presented with as follows below:

Edit Inspection: In this area, you can edit the inspection report. If you need to add comments or change ratings or even add photos to the inspection report or even if you maybe forgot to take some key details from the initial inspection report, then you can do it all here.
 You can also add areas and items to the inspection report. This means for example as shown below "Third Bedroom" being the area and "Walls" being the item.

MS Word Report: Clicking on this button will download the MS Word Report directly to your device/system to view. Being an MS word document you are able to edit the report directly from the MS word document.

PDF Report: Clicking on this button will download the PDF version of the report directly to your device/system. However unlike MS Word PDFs are not able to be edited once exported into a PDF but you can edit the inspection report via the "Edit Inspection" button.

Send PDF Report: By clicking on this button, it will allow you to send a PDF inspection report directly from the WebApp to a client's e-mail address. You will be presented with a new dialog pop up asking for e-mail details for that customer.

Share Web Report: This links up with team collaboration, where for instance if you needed to get a tenants or landlords signature but they might not have been present at the inspection then you can share the web report which can be emailed to the tenant/landlord. This allows the client to sign via mobile phone/tablet/computer with the use of finger or computer mice.

Delete This Inspection: Simple enough this will delete that particular inspection report from the system.

Status Key:  This field shows you actual real time status of a sent inspection report to your clients. Status would show the below:

Delivered - Email has reached recipients inbox.

Opened - Recipient has viewed the email.

Sent - Inspection completed and sent to the recipient.

 Last but not least there is a new tool that might be of use to you that will hold more information regarding your inspection reports. This is shown on the inspections tab as an icon labeled (i) as shown below.The additional information will provide you with the duration of each inspection and its DPS location coorindates to be able to see where your inspectors have actually completed the inspection. When clicking on the coordinates it will take you to a GPS map showing you exactly the location. This area will be more improved down the road as we add more information to this function giving the users more oversight on each inspection done.

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