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How to Add/Edit Asset Layout
How to Add/Edit Asset Layout

How to Add/Edit Asset Layout

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Snapinspect has the ability to remember an assets room layout.

This means that you only have to enter the layout of your assets once, on the very first inspection. From there, snapinspect will remember the layout and bring it up how it was entered for any future inspections.

To initially set up an asset's layout, begin an inspection like normal by tapping on the red "Start New Inspection" button. This will bring you to another screen where you will be asked to select inspection type. (Move-in, Move-out, Maintenance, Routine etc)

Once you have selected the type of inspection, it will allow you to choose the property layout as pictured below

You can select the exact layout of an asset, meaning your inspection will be customized even further for your inspections

The purpose of this feature is to ensure that the system remembers the layout for this given property to make things easier and quicker for the next time you do an inspection.

If you wish to edit an assets layout, go to the "Assets" tab on your web browser. From here, locate the asset that you wish to edit and click the green "Action"button. Then click on "View/Edit Asset Layout" from the drop down button. 

Once you select View/Edit Asset layout you will be taken to a screen like the one pictured below. This is where your asset information is stored and shows the last saved layout.

Here you can see the asset layout, with each area displaying it's items. 

The pencil icon to the right allows you to edit the name of each area, e.g renaming "bedroom" to "office"

The "x" icon allows you to permanently delete an area. This can be used if you entered the wrong layout for an asset and want to remove it. 

SnapInspect also has a drop down bar at the bottom of the pop up which allows you to add new areas to the layout.

It's important to note that you can only add a new area that is already on your checklist. For example you may need to inspect more bedrooms. You would simply scroll down untill you see "bedroom" and then click the blue "add new area"

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