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View Existing and Attach External Reports
View Existing and Attach External Reports

Learn how to keep all your reports in one place!

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Within the assets tab of the web application, you have the capability to view all your existing reports associated with individual assets and also upload any external reports as needed.

How to view all inspection reports related to a specific asset

  • Within the web app navigate to the Assets Tab

  • Select the green Action button beside the specific asset you want to view reports of

  • From there a dropdown will appear, select the third icon down 'View Reports'

  • You will then be taken to a page where you can view all the different inspection reports related to this specific asset and filter through them to view any specific reports if needed!

How to attach external reports

  • To attach external reports follow the same process as above however this time instead of selecting 'view reports' in the drop-down, select 'Attach External Report'. Following this, a pop-up will appear where you can provide further details on the inspection and attach the report pdf file

Please Note: Make sure the file is a PDF document

  • After filling in all the relevant details and choosing a file select 'Upload', this report will now be in your SnapInspect account. If you want to view these reports follow the steps above!

NOTE: SnapInspect exclusively offers Business Intelligence Insights for inspection reports generated through the SnapInspect account.

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