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At Snapinspect we value reliability which is why we have created different roles that can be placed upon each user, making sure all users can only access what they are supposed to. These roles can be customized however to make it simple we have created 4 default roles, in this article we will discuss what these roles are and the permissions that they have. However, first we will show you where to find these roles.

  1. Create New User

In the user section of the web app select add new and fill in all the details needed to create your user profile, at the bottom of the sign up you will see permissions, this is where you will find our 4 default roles

As you can see below the 4 different roles are account owner, manager, inspector and report viewer, we will now discuss the permissions each of these roles has

Account Owner

The account owner has the authority to add new users and is the only user out of our 4 default roles that can customize or change checklists and the comment library.


The manager has access to all properties on the web or mobile app however is unable to add new users or change any of the checklists.


The inspector only has access to properties that are assigned to them, they do not have permission to change any of the checklists or user details.

Report Viewer

The report viewer only has access to view completed inspections and can view the company portfolio however is unable to start any inspections.

You also have the ability to create custom roles however we will go over that in a different article. Thank you for reading, we hope this was helpful!

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