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Default Roles and Permissions
Default Roles and Permissions
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At SnapInspect, we prioritize reliability by ensuring that users only access what they are supposed to. To simplify user management, we have created four default roles. This article explains these roles and their permissions and guides you on where to find these roles in the web app.

You can allocate one of the four default roles when you're adding a user from the user tab.

Default Roles Definitions

Below are the four different roles—Account Owner, Manager, Inspector, and Report Viewer—and their respective permissions:

1. Account Owner

  • Permissions: Can add new users, customize or change checklists, and modify the comment library. Full control of the account.

  • Authority: The only role with permission to customize checklists and comment libraries.

2. Manager

  • Permissions: Has access to all properties on both the web and mobile app.

  • Limitations: Cannot add new users or change checklists.

3. Inspector

  • Permissions: Access limited to properties assigned to them.

  • Limitations: Cannot change checklists or user details.

4. Report Viewer

  • Permissions: Can view completed inspections and the company portfolio.

  • Limitations: Cannot start inspections.

Custom Roles

You also have the ability to create custom roles to further define what users can and cannot access.

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