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Hide/show checklist item or area
Hide/show checklist item or area

Hide certain areas/items from the mobile checklist view

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With the hide/show function you will have the ability to hide an area or item from being present during an inspection on the mobile only.

Though the area or item is hidden on mobile you can still see it on the web app when editing the inspection.

This is especially useful for any back office/admin work that needs to be done after an inspection.

Examples where you can use this function are below:

  • Manager comments (where a manager needs to leave comments on the inspection).

  • Additional Costing/Calculations (sometimes companies with a back office admin team may need to add in additional notes or costs if using any cost calculations with SnapInspect).

  • Any post inspection work that needs to be done by another team (usually your internal team).

To Hide an area simply navigate to the area on the checklist click on the pencil icon to edit the area and you will see an "eye" icon next to Edit controls. You can click on it to make area visible or hidden.

You can also do the same thing with items inside the area.

If you have any questions regarding this function please feel free to reach out to

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