How to use asset Views

Add assets into a custom view so that you can access them quickly without searching for them all the time!

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The asset views function serves as a quick way to view an asset or group of assets instantly. Some of the ways you can use views are:

  • Grouping assets in a portfolio for quick access

  • Grouping assets for projects like turn, acquisition, trips

This help guide will go through 3 key actions with views:

  1. Creating a view

  2. Accessing views

  3. Deleting views

1. Creating a new view

To create a new view you must first select the assets. Navigate to your "Assets" tab and just under the search bar you will notice a bunch of buttons labelled Select/Columns/Restore

Click on "Select" this will toggle the asset selection menu giving you click and select buttons on the left of the asset name see below:

Once you have selected the assets next to the "Select" button a new "Action" button will appear. Click on "Action" and select "Add to View" (see below)

In the pop up window that appears you can create a "New View" and then name your view and click see images below.
​Note: In this same pop up window you can also add selections to an existing view if you've created one before.

Once you click the "Create" button you are essentially done and now your assets view is set up and you are taken directly to the view.
​Note: The new view will open a new tab inside the assets tab.

2. How to access your saved views

Now that you've saved multiple views to find them is very simple. On the Assets tab above the search filters. You will see a "Views" button which when clicked on will drop down and show you your saved views, see below:

3. Deleting a View

To delete a view simply click on the "Views" button and then from the drop down list hover over the view that you want to delete and you will see a bin icon (in red) which when clicked on will allow you to delete the view, see below:

If you have any questions regarding views or have some feedback to improve the function please email us at

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