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Asset Permission Group's
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Our asset permission groups feature gives multiple users access to a particular asset. With SnapInspect previously you could assign one manager to an asset or building. Now, with permission groups, you can assign different users to the same asset. 

This becomes particularly useful when you are conducting a range of different inspections on a building. E.g., one manager might be taking care of routine inspections, another doing maintenance and then a third doing move-out inspections. With asset permission group's you can do this and assign as many users as you would like to each property in your portfolio. 

To set up this feature simply follow these steps: 

1. Go to the company settings tab. 

2. Once on the "settings" tab scroll down until you see "Advance permission control." 

3. Tick the "enable Permission Group" checkbox

4. Fill out the Group name. 

5. Select "edit details." 

6. You will see a list of users associated with your company's account. Select the individuals who you want to be apart of the group and gain access to your property. You will notice that when they have been added to the group, their details will turn green. You can also search by name or email if you have an extensive list of users. 

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