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How to use notifications on SnapInspect

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The notification function focuses on keeping the communication channel open between the team/s by allowing each user to tag a team member into an inspection enabling them to communicate with an inspection.
Later on, this will lead to having notifications setup for scheduled inspection and possibly even more improvements.
 To locate the Notifications icon, this is on the Web App on your far right-hand corner as shown below:

The little grey bell with a number on it is the Notifications button. The number represents the number of

Notifications that are sitting in your "Inbox" that require your attention. 

Once you click on the bell icon it will bring up the inbox with who has tagged you in an inspection, how old the notification is and other information such as the basic inspection information.
You might have many more notifications sitting in your inbox, and you will need to click on "Load More" this will load the next few notifications that are sitting in your inbox for you to view.
The only way to delete notifications that are no longer required to be in your inbox is to click on the little red cross next to the notifications or if all of the notifications are cleared then hit the "Clear Inbox" button located bottom left corner as shown in the image above.
There may be moments where you will need to go into these notifications to reply back to these individuals, and this can be done by simply clicking on the blue arrow located on the left-hand side of each row

 As soon as you click on the little blue arrow, it will take you directly into that inspection that you have been tagged into. Here you can View the Inspection or Send a message to that specific individual or team. To tag an individual to create them a notification, please use the @ sign and then their name

This is a quick guide on how to use the notifications. If you have any further questions or require further assistance, please contact

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