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How to View and Send an Inspection Report
How to View and Send an Inspection Report

How to view and send inspection reports via the SnapInspect mobile app

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When you first log into your mobile app, you will be in the "Assets" tab automatically. At the bottom of the screen you will see three tabs:
 - Assets
 - Inspections
 - Schedule
 When you have completed an inspection and want to make sure that it's ready to upload, it will go into the "Inspections" tab and will show as below. 

The Inspections tab comprises of three sub tabs.

In Progress - Inspections that have not been completed and are still active.

Completed - Inspections that have been marked as completed by the user but not yet uploaded to the server.

Uploaded - Inspections that have been completed and uploaded to the server. (Once uploaded they are able to be viewed via the web app.) 

To upload a completed inspection, simply tap the upward facing arrow that is located to the right of the inspection title. This will upload the inspection report, photos and videos onto the SnapInspect server.

When you have uploaded an inspection report you will also receive a "Success" notification. To upload inspections you must also be connected to the internet.

 To send the inspection report or view it after completion, go to the "uploaded" tab which is located next to the "completed" tab. 

To see your options on what to do with the uploaded report, tap on the three dots next to any inspections name. 

A pop-up menu will appear with the following options:  

View PDF: View the report as a PDF

Send PDF: Send the report in PDF format 

Send Word Doc: Send the report in Word document format 

Edit Inspection: Edit the inspection 

Update Status: Update the status of your report/asset E.g. "Waiting on repair" 

Comments: Allows you to see any comments recorded about the property gathered from the inspection

Please keep in mind that we can quick send by using your local mobile device email or we can send on behalf of you without using your primary email from your device. 

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