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How to Add a New Item, Remove and Edit an Item In a Room
How to Add a New Item, Remove and Edit an Item In a Room
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If you have been wondering how to add a new item to a given room or even trying to find out how to remove an item, then you have found the right support document.

The above image is a generic room with generic items for this support document. If you would like to add an item to this room you will need to tap on the + , this can be located at the top right corner of the screen as shown in the image.

Once you tap on the + the menu above will show up. You have the capabilities of doing two things:
1) Add a New Item - Will add a new Item
2) Check All Yes - Will Select the first rating to All Yes.

To delete an item on iOS Apple and Android devices, simply press the three dots which can be located next to each item on the right side. By tapping on the three dots it will prompt options such as "Edit Item", "Tasks" and "Delete Item". Once an item is deleted from a room there will be no way of bringing it back with its information previous information such as comments that might have been left in the comment box or photos. However, you will be able to add a new item as previously explained.

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