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How to Edit a Room Name & Reorder a Room
How to Edit a Room Name & Reorder a Room

How to Edit a Room Name & Reorder a Room via mobile

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Below are ways your can edit a room name, Reorder a room, add a new room and delete a room during an inspection.

When you start an inspection your will be taken to the inspection checklist layout screen as shown below. 

The image above shows a typical checklist; you will notice that there are two buttons at the bottom of the image which is "Delete" and "Edit." 

 Once you tap on the "Edit" button you will be presented with the below screen. 

 Red Circle ( - ) When tapping on this red circle it will ask if you would like to delete this room. Be careful to not delete the wrong room because any data (photos, comments) within that room will be lost once deleted. 

To change the room area order of an inspection simply tap, hold and then drag on the three stripes which are located to the right of each area name. 

You are able to also rename the rooms when in "Edit" mode, this can be done by tapping onto the text of each room and then changing the text to what they wish.

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