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The task feature was created to give users more control when they are carrying out inspections. Tasks are Snap Inspects version of “work orders”. They allow you to schedule actions directly to a team member, yourself, a handyman or anyone else that is relevant to your inspection. 

Tasks is a feature within the mobile app that allows you to dig into more detail on a specific issue. It will allow you to take additional photos, videos and leave more comments that can later be sent off directly to the right contact. Tasks are aimed to streamline your inspection process

When you have started an inspection and would like to use the Task feature simply tap on the 3 dots that are located at the top right-hand corner of each item.

In the image below you will see the 3 dots circled.

When you tap the three dots it will present you with a pop up menu containing three actions: Edit item, Tasks and Delete item. 

 Tap on the "Tasks"  button to start using the feature, doing so will prompt a new window as shown below:

Add a title for your task and then tap Add New Task to allow the app to create one for this item.

Add a name for this particular Tasks, e.g "Door Frame is Rotten."

Once you have a name sorted, you will be presented with the above image. My title is just "Testing Task", you are able to write much more in-depth about the issue at hand in the descriptions box, you can have a set Due Date for this issue to be fixed by or a time frame you are looking at getting it sorted. 

There are also priority levels, how urgent are the issues at hand.  Tasks also offer video capabilities for this as well as photos this is so you can capture all the details possible.

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