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How to Quick Edit an Inspection on mobile
How to Quick Edit an Inspection on mobile
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To Quick Edit an Inspection:

1. Log into your account via your mobile app.

2. Select the "Inspections" tab

3. Find the Inspection you want to edit, and then click the three dots to the right of the inspection name. You can edit an inspection regardless of it's status (In progress, Completed, Uploaded)

4. once you have clicked the three dots next to the inspection name, you will be taken into the report, from here it's exactly as if you were still conducting the inspection, you can add, edit or remove comments, delete or add photos etc.

5. Once you are happy with the inspection, click the “complete” button at the right hand side of the screen, From there "sync" your device and the changes will be updated.

The following is a list of every part of the inspection you can edit with SnapInspect’s Quick Edit feature:

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