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How to Quick Edit an Inspection
How to Quick Edit an Inspection
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To Quick Edit an Inspection:

1. Log into your account via our website

2. On the left side of the homepage, click ‘Inspections.'

3. Find an Inspection to edit, and click the ‘Action’ button next to the inspection

4. Click ‘Edit Inspection.'

The following is a list of every part of the inspection you can edit with SnapInspect’s Quick Edit feature:

  1. Edit Inspection Details (Admin Only)

Click the ‘Edit Inspection Details’ button to edit general information about the inspection such as inspection type, title, date and inspector. Once the details have been modified, click the ‘Update Inspection Details’ button.

2. Rename Room Name

Click on a room from the list of rooms on the left. Once inside the room, click on the name to change it. Once the changes have been made, click the ‘Save’ icon.

3. Rename-Item Name, Delete Item Name

Click on an item to rename it. Click the ‘Save’ icon to save it. To delete the item name, click the ‘Delete’ icon.

4. Delete Room

Click on the room name and click the ‘Delete’ icon next to the name.

5. Add New Item

Scroll down to the bottom of the room and click the ‘Add New Item’ button. Type in the item’s name.

6. Change Ratings

Click into a room, and click a different rating. Simple!

7. Change Comments

Click on a comment, type in a new comment, and click the ‘Save’ icon next to the comment.

8. Add a New Photo

Click the ‘+ Photo’ button underneath the chosen item. Select an image file and click the button ‘Open’. To view the photo, hover your mouse over the picture and click the ‘Magnify Glass’ icon.

9. Remove Photo

To remove the photo, hover your mouse over the picture and click the ‘Red X’ icon.

10. Update Photo Comments

To add or update photo comments, hover your mouse over the picture and click the ‘Pencil’ icon. Once you have added a comment, click the ‘Save’ button.

11. Sign Using the Mouse

Scroll down and click on the ‘Signature’ button on the left. To write your signature, click your mouse on the blank square with a black horizontal line under it.

12. Add a new Signee

To add a new signee, click the ‘Add New Name’ button at the bottom of the screen.

13. Remove Signature & Resign

Click the red ‘Redo Signature’ button to clear the previous signature. Then sign again.

14. Change Signature Name

Click on the current signee name. Retype a new name, and then click the ‘Save’ icon next to it.

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