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Add/Edit a Owner/Tenant to a Asset
Add/Edit a Owner/Tenant to a Asset
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To add an owner or tenant to an Asset:

  1. Log into your account via our website

  2. On the left side of the homepage, click ‘Assets.'

  3. Choose an Asset to add an owner or tenant to, and click 'Action.'

  4. Click 'View/Edit Contacts.'

  5. Click 'New Contact.'

  6. Add contact info and then select either 'Owner' or 'Tenant' under type

To update, or edit a contact on an asset go to the inspections tab and click the "Action" drop-down button. Next, select edit inspection.

Next, select "Edit Inspection". When you are bought to this screen you have two options: 

"Edit Inspection Details" and "Edit Contacts." Click edit contacts. 

This brings you to the edit inspection contact details page. Click on which contacts you wish to be added to the asset inspection and then click the red "Update Contacts" button. 

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