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Schedule Link (Deep Link)
Schedule Link (Deep Link)

Generate a link from each schedule that you can send to your inspectors to complete.

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You can now generate a schedule link that will automatically start the scheduled inspection when sent to your inspectors.

The purpose of the link is when emailed, inspectors can click the link and it will take them to their SnapInspect app to the scheduled inspection to start right away.

To generate the link simply schedule an inspection first so that it is in the system then inside the web app go to your schedules tab and click the action button and you will see the option "Deep Link" clicking this will generate the deep link.

Having the link on hand will allow you to export your schedules into your own third party scheduling apps or any external system that is being used to manage your teams inspections.

For example: If you have API access to an external scheduling system, CRM or task manager you can send the schedule deep link directly to it and your team will not need to log in to SnapInspect to see what they have scheduled for the day, week or month.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to support.

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