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Set a default value for ratings

Setting a default value will pre-select a chosen rating during an inspection.

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You can now set up a default rating to be pre-selected when starting an inspection. For example if you have Good | Satisfactory | Poor you may want "Good" to be pre-selected before the inspection so inside the checklist editor you can now do this.

This is especially useful if you do frequent inspections on a property and the condition is most likely going to be the same as before so you set up a pre-selected rating and only change the items that have changed condition.

See video below:

Step by Step:

Step 1: Go to your checklist and edit controls for a chosen area:

Step 2: Edit the chosen rating set:

Step 3: Select the rating that you want pre-selected:

Now whenever you log into the app and start an inspection, this rating will be pre-selected.

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