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Inside the checklist editor you have 6 main controls you can use to bring your checklists to life.

If you haven't already please also check out how to set up a checklist here.

Please note: when setting up your checklists each item can have any combination of 6 controls. For example: Ratings/Comments/Photos only uses up 3 of the possible 6 control slots.

To access the controls section you will need to click on the pencil icon in your checklist editor and reveal the control selection screen, see below:

The list of possible controls are as follows:

  • Ratings (multiple, single, y/n)

  • Comments (text/numbers)

  • List Control

  • Multi select/Single select

  • Photos

1. Ratings

Single Select

Ratings brings consistency to checklists. When you have a report that needs convey the message of the overall condition on the item being inspected you can use ratings to show this.

Common rating examples are: 


Ratings are seen in-app as a circle icon which can be tapped to be selected.

Multiple select ratings

What if you need a combination of ratings? For example, an item might be in poor condition but you want to recommend if it needs repair or replacing? You can use the multiple ratings option.

So it may look like this in-app with multiple ratings selected:

Yes/No (Y/N) ratings are simply green and red coloured buttons when tapped on once it represents the "Y" state and when tapped again it will display the "N" state

One last thing when setting up ratings you can also colour code each rating with one of the preset colours or you can add your own colour codes in.

2. Comments Box

Comments box has two options text input which includes text and numbers and numbers only input. This control is pretty self explanatory as it will represent in app an input field which you can type in.

3. List Control (NEW)

List control will allow you to nest a bunch of Y/N questions within one area. This is especially useful if you have a checklist item that needs some extensive checks.

For example: Toaster, Pots & Pans, Fridge, Kettle is usually a single item each but using list control you can nest these under one item called Kitchen Appliances underneath the Kitchen area.

So the hierarchy for this would be as follows:

---> Kitchen Appliances Area (Item)

Ratings/List Control/Comments box/Photos

instead of:


---> Toaster (Item)

Ratings/Comments box/Photos
---> Fridge (Item)

Ratings/Comments box/Photos

---> Kettle (Item)

Ratings/Comments box/Photos

See below:

4. Multi-Select and Single Select

The selection box control allows you to add lists of options. For example you may already know the options of the "Type of Bed" with options being Single/Double/King/Queen etc.

Setting up single select will only allow one of the options to be selected and setting up multi-select will allow you to pick multiple types.

5. Photos

The photo control is exactly what you think it is! It will allow you to take photos in app. There is no limit to how many photos you can take using the photo control and it's essential in recording defects or the overall condition of an area.

There you have it! If you have any questions regarding controls please reach out to us on

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