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Comments Library (previously Auto-text)
Comments Library (previously Auto-text)

The new and improved comments library!

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If you are familiar with auto-text then this update should be quite an easy transition.Β 

For those of you that don't know what auto-text is or have never used (I don't know why you haven't yet) let me briefly explain.
Auto-Text was used to save a bunch of pre-written comments. So that during inspections you wouldn't have to type as much. We all know the feeling of walking into one room and typing out "Good Condition" then walking into the next room and also typing out "Good Condition" again. The process can get repetitive which why the auto-text function came in handy as you simply had to save a bunch of comments and insert them as you go. This has worked a charm and all was good and well until you needed to be a bit more efficient in the field. For example you may be in a particular area looking for a pre-written comment and end up scrolling through multiple comments to find the one you need to insert.
Well, those days are over because now with the new Comments Library, you can save specific comments under specific areas and even under specific items.

Let me explain.

With the updated comments library you can now save comments on 3 levels

  • Shared - which is universal and available in any area/item you are inspecting

  • Area - allows you to save specific comments for that area, for example for Kitchen you can save a bunch of comments only relating to kitchen items, appliances, stoves etc.

  • Item - allows you to save comments at the item level for example Kitchen > Stove you can save Stove only comments like "Stove needs a deep clean" or "Stove is too greasy and will need cleaning" etc ... you get the message!

How to Set up your comments library

To set up your comments library it all starts in the web app. You can login here.

Once you are logged in, on the left hand tab you will notice auto-text is no longer there but there is a "Comments Library" tab see below:

The default tab you will land on is the Shared tab showing you all the comments that are available from any area. Right next to the "Shared" tab you will notice your checklists in each tab see below:

The shared tab is where you can add comments to be available in all areas across all inspection types.

Saving comments to a specific area or item on a specific checklist.

To save comments to a specific area on a specific checklist click on one of your checklists. Displayed next to the the shared tab.

In this example I'll use the "unit inspection checklist" You will notice the areas of your checklist load up and two key icons to the right hand side of each area name.

The green icon will bring up a pop up window for you to add your area only comments.

The blue icon next to it will load the items. On each item you can click the green icon to the right to save item specific comments!

There is also a copy function and re-ordering function built in to make repetitive comments easier to add into other areas.

Accessing Comments in the app.

Once you have added in your comments you can then access it from the mobile app. Simply log into the app and start an inspection. As long as you have a comment box/section in your checklist you will be able to access the comments library and choose a comment to insert.

Lastly, you will notice a "selected" box you can mostly ignore this if you only need to insert a single comment however if you want to string together a sentence or paragraph using multiple comments the selection box becomes useful. For example, you could explain the condition, the problem and the resolution using comments library. You can also select them all and change the order of the comments.

For any questions feel free to reach out to us on and we can answer all your questions 😎

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