Searching For An Inspection

How to search for an inspection using search filters

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SnapInspect gives you the ability to search your inspections with a variety of different filters, this helps you find what you are looking for in seconds. 

Inspector - This filter option allows you to search inspections carried out by a specific manager.

Start/End - Click this filter option will prompt a pop-up window of a calendar for you to select a time period of which you wish to search for inspections in. 

Building - This selects from your portfolio's buildings to search from

Unit - Once you have selected which building you would like to search against, you can also narrow the search even further by selecting which unit you are wishing to search for.

Type - This option allows you to search inspections based upon type. For example, Move-in/Move-out, Maintenance inspections, Routine inspections etc. 

Keyword - Searching by the keywords that appear in the title of the inspection

Status -  Search by status of an inspection/asset E.g. Under renovation, Maintenance, Annual inspection due. 

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