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Understanding SnapInspect's universal search bar

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Snapinspect has added a universal search bar at the top of our app that lets users instantly search for assets and inspections through the app 

To find what you are looking for simply enter it in the search bar located at the top of each window when you are logged into the web app. 

With our search bar you can search by stand alone properties, entire multifamily units or inspection type. 

Here is an example of what searching for a particular unit within a multi-family complex looks like. With our new search bar you can search and locate specific units that are within a multi-family asset. 

You can also see that there is an option to select whether you want to search for an asset or search for an inspection. The blue "Asset" button indicates that you are currently only searching against assets.

To search against inspections simply click the grey "Inspections" button. Once it turns blue you will be searching against inspections 

You can also search based on inspection type, here you can see a search conducted by using the term "Move-in" 

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