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Inspection Status's & How to set these up?
Inspection Status's & How to set these up?
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One of the newest functions that we have been working on is the "Inspection Status" this function will be a way of you and your team being able to tag each inspection specifically which process/state it is in. This can change varying between industries, and I hope our guide will provide you with a basic understanding of what you can achieve with this function.

In the above image, you will notice that the WebApp has gone through a revamp and looks different, but the majority of all the functions are still exactly where they used to be with the old UI. This new UI also  was known  as a user interface allows more flexibility for us and the developers to create amazing new functions. We understand that sometimes dramatic changes to things can have an adverse effect, but in all honesty, the theme/skin has changed however everything else is where it used to be.

What we will want to concentrate for now for this guide on how to use and setup inspection status's is the "Company Settings." The Company Settings are still located at the end of the tabs located on the left of the image shown above. Don't forget you must be logged into the Admin account for your SnapInspect account to be able to see the Admin options.

Once you have clicked on the "Company Settings" you will need to look at the top of the page where you will see tabs just as you did  in  the previous version. From here you will then be presented with functions/settings etc. What we want to look at is "Inspection Status" which is located just below the "Smart Comments" and above the Integrations title.

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