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Property Ware Integration
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SnapInspect integrates with PropertyWare reports to add and update properties, units, and tenants. The instructions below describe which reports SnapInspect needs and the columns that should be included. Reports should be saved to excel format and uploaded to your account. 

If you would like to segment your portfolio via property groups, you can submit the units and property files separately and SnapInspect will import them into different property groups. 

To allow the import via PropertyWare feed: 

Go to the “Assets” tab on the web app 

Click “Import Assets” 

You will be presented with a pop-up menu with two options 

Option number 1 allows you to Import from a Microsoft Excel File. 

Option number 2 allows you to import directly from your PropertyWare property feed by copying and pasting the PropertyWare Feed URL.

Copy and paste your URL into the comment box and click “Load Feed” 

Next, you will be asked to match the column in your imported data. 

Address 1 and Address 2 is compulsory. SnapInspect 3 will compare the imported data with your current portfolio to Update existing asset or Add NEW assets.

1. Bulk add new asset - please upload the MS Excel file contains all your assets.
2. Bulk update your existing portfolio - please "Export All" from Assets tab first to start editing, and then upload from here. Use the bottom scroll bar to scroll the table left or right to see more columns.

Overwrite Option 

Enabling this option during importing will allow SnapInspect to match duplicate assets (based on Address line 1 and 2) between the uploaded file and SnapInspect record, and update duplicate asset data according to the uploaded file, including owners and tenants information. When it is turned off, only new assets will be added into SnapInspect from the uploaded file. 

Once you are happy with how things are looking click the blue “Looks good. Start Importing!” button

Once you have clicked that button SnapInspect will begin importing your assets. Once done refresh your web browser and you will see the assets imported under the “Assets” tab. 

Please note: If you would like to add custom information when importing your assets Snapinspect allows you to “Create New Custom Info” when importing your information into SnapInspect. Simply click the drop-down menu and scroll to the bottom to select “create new custom info”

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