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SnapInspect has added the ability to view your properties exact location via Google Maps. This function enables you to select a route to the property, exactly how you would on Google maps. This is useful for staff that have trouble getting to and from the office especially if they are new.

Every user has access to this function if you are on SnapInspect 3.
 To find the Google maps from your mobile device please follow the steps below:

Step 1: log into your SnapInspect 3 mobile app.
​ Step 2: You will be presented with your portfolio of assets. (As shown below)

​ Step 3: Locate the asset you are looking for
​ Step 4: When you have located the correct asset you will be presented with the below menu/options.

​ Step 5: The "Map" button is where the Google Map function sits. By tapping on the button "Map" SnapInspect will take you to the map where you will be able to route the properties address.
​  Step 6: By tapping on the Map button you will be shown a map with a green little car as shown below.

Step 7: When tapping on this green little car it will provide you with two options. 1) Route and 2) Start Inspection. Simply put the route button will route your location to the asset and the start inspection button will start the inspection process for this property.
 If you still require some assistance or do not fully understand how the Maps function works please contact us at

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