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How to Convert and Delete Inspections
How to Convert and Delete Inspections
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Sometimes you might not need to repeat inspections, and if everything is fine and good to go you are able to convert the most recent either Move In Inspection to a Move Out or Move Out into a Move-In inspection and again it does depend on which industry you are in because we want to ensure that it would work for your industry.

To convert or delete an inspection you must go into the "Inspections" tab on the WebApp. This is located on the far left of your screen. See image below.

Locate the inspection you want to either convert or delete and click on the green "Action" button. You will be presented with the below options.

The "Delete This Inspection" button is located at the bottom of the options provided to show you that this is how you can delete given inspections.
 To convert an inspection report, you will need to click on "Convert To Ingoing Inspection." This option will change based on what type of inspection type it is. If the inspection is an Out Going it will show Convert to In Going and vice versa.

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