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How to Bulk Upload Assets
How to Bulk Upload Assets
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This article will teach you how to bulk upload assets.

 Nice and simple, you need to be logged into your Company Admin account and log onto the WebApp.

Here is a quick format that must be followed for the bulk upload to work accurately. This means if you are uploading buildings and units, a specific method must be followed for it to correctly add these units in the building when bulk uploading. Please be aware that when only trying to bulk upload single assets to not have them in the building.

Here are the formats below:

NEW UPDATE- You are now able to bulk assign assets to property managers, bulk schedule inspections to property managers, leave notes for the scheduled inspections and to show which inspection type is to be done. How this can be done is simple and it's integrated with the bulk upload assets function.

The below is the format to be used for the new bulk schedule and assign of assets. This is additional to the above spreadsheet format. You need to have the address/asset information then have these extra columns named as below to assign and schedule these assets to the property managers/inspectors.

The below video will explain the entire process of how to bulk-upload your assets. (Not including the bulk schedule/assign process).

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