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Seeing Duplicates of Properties
Seeing Duplicates of Properties
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To successfully merge duplicates please follow the below guide:
​ Step 1: Log into web app with admin account

Step 2: Click on the "Properties" Tab

Step 3: You will see Show properties for " You " if you click the blue drop down arrow and select all property managers.

Step 4: User the Search function next to the "with keywords" this will find any property by street name.

Step 5: Once you have found the duplicates, double click on the property name to which property you want to merge with by double clicking the other property name. You will notice it selected with a grey colour.

Step 6: It will show a pop up saying that Property A will merge with Property B, click YES, and it will merge it into one property.

​  TIP-  If there are 3 or more properties just merge them into each other in pairs of 2's then combine them into smaller groups until only 1 is left.

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