What is 'Sync'? How to Sync
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What is Sync?

The sync button uploads inspection data from a mobile/tablet to the cloud, and accesses any new information made to the account so that any device using the account has, all the same, information for the next inspection.

How to Sync:

  1. On your device (mobile, tablet), open the SnapInspect app

  2. If new inspections have been ‘Finished’, or information has changed within the app, a Sync can be done by clicking on the ‘Sync’ button on the homepage

  3. Once the Sync is complete, click the ‘OK’ button

  4. If the ‘Sync’ button isn’t doing anything, it may mean that one of the inspections hasn’t quite been completed. To complete an inspection, click on the ‘Properties’ button on the homepage

  5. Click on the property that needs completing

  6. Click on the ‘Edit Inspection’ button

  7. Click on the ‘Finished’ button in the top right corner of the screen

  8. TIP – if the inspection is ready to Sync it will have a ‘Ready to Sync’ message under the ‘Edit Inspection’ button

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